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Elams Spa in Bangalore offers the Best Spa Services that helps to revive mind, body and soul. As a premium luxury wellness and spa brand, We give you complete holistic rejuvenation experiences that combine the best of traditional Indian Ayurvedic therapies with western ideologies. With vast expertise and experience Spa wellness and Spa Treatment services industry across Bangalore, Elams Spa is the most preferred choice for wellness resorts, luxury spas, spa training academy, spa consultancy, beauty products and wellness workshops. Elams Spa and Wellness therapies are designed holistically and enable a seamless integration of the body, mind and soul. Our ancient body therapies focus on rejuvenation and healing while our specialized music therapy helps calm the wandering mind. On the other hand, meditation and breathing techniques help elevate and empower the soul.

Our Best Massage Services in Bangalore

Get one of the most Heavenly Experience with our Different types of Massage Services in Bangalore.

Full Body Massage in Bangalore

Full Body Massage

Our Full Body Massage will help to repair and rejuvenate the lost energy of our muscles and tissues.

Thai Massage in Bangalore

Thai Massage

Our Special Thai Massage is a Dry Therapy and it helps to reduce muscle stiffness and tension.

Ayurvedic Massage in Bangalore

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient therapy that will help you to restore the energy balance in your body.

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Best Massage Services in Bangalore


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Deep Tissue Massage in Bangalore

Other Massages

Apart from our Regular Massage Services, we do have Other Massage Services in Bangalore.

Facials in Bangalore

Skin & Beauty Care

Skin and Beauty Care with Elams Spa will help you to maintain the Beauty of your Skin and Body.


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Elams Spa offers an extensive range of wellness, Spa and Massage services across Bangalore with multiple Spa Centers located in all major sub areas.